Andy Latham

From shop floor apprenticeship to After Sales Manager in retail motor industry, joined Aviva as Claims Engineer, now specialist in Motor Salvage and Automotive Recycling and electric and hybrid vehicles.

Has a desire to raise professionalism within the global Auto Recycling industry, support and develop talented people within the industry who will be able to improve and advance auto recycling across the world.

Member of the Steering Committee for the bi-annual CARS Expo, Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee of the Automotive Recyclers Association member of the Management Committee of the Vehicle Recyclers Association.

Salvage Wire Team member Andy Latham

Peter Judd

Peter is a professional engineer with over 30 years’ experience who has held senior consulting roles within BT’s global arm, most recently developing the strategic vision as part of the leadership team operating BT’s Global network, serving major multi-nationals whilst also carrying £billions of stock market transactions per day.

He has also worked as a retained consultant within many multi-nationals and has typically been brought in to find ways to transform customer service using systems thinking (lean) methodologies. His 20 years’ experience in innovation, his data lead commercial focus and approach of challenging the norm, encourages the development of unique insights from attendees.

The motor industry is starting its most radical transformation in decades. Having been a key player in the IT communication transformation journey, he brings his experience, skills, expertise and passion to bear on the complex challenges ahead.

Salvage Wire Team member Peter Judd